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Johnny Huckle

Johnny Huckle has released a song to support the education of local kids in the Kimberley. The song reflects the challenges and dilemmas local youth face every day. Johnny said that “The song is such an important song for the kids of the Kimberley because they’re caught between going to get educated and being in a place where there is education all‑round, including being on their own country and using life skills.” Shawn Fracchia came-up with the idea of the song after spending three months working in children’s education with Wunan in late 2015. Wunan are an Aboriginal Development organisation in Kununurra. He was inspired to write the song by the people of Kununurra and the culturally-responsive and inclusive Miriwoong Language Nest Program. It was written in collaboration with Shawn’s friends, Johnny and Francesca Kibria, and received the support of local elders and leaders that Shawn worked with. Shawn notes that the hit song ‘Treaty’ arose because Yothu Yindi thought that if black and white fellas (Paul Kelly) came together it would have a more positive impact than one fella or just one music group alone (How to Make Gravy, 2010, Hamish Hamilton). Everyone involved with the song wanted to inspire local kids to attend school and draw attention to the range of education that may be needed in the Kimberley to meet all children’s cultural, language and other needs.

Kununurra, Western Australia


Kununurra, Western Australia




Lyrics: Shawn Fracchia and Francesca Kibria; Music: Johnny Huckle and Shawn Fracchia). Johnny Huckle, song performer: Johnny was recently described by an Australian music industry professional as “one of the most uplifting performers of our generation” ( The album, Cry Stolen produced for the Kimberley Stolen Generation awareness campaign featured Johnny’s song, ‘Coming out of my pain’. He grew-up on the Murie Aboriginal reserve on the land of his Wiradjuri ancestors. Johnny’s songs have been played on Qantas and he has performed at the Sydney Opera House and music festivals around Australia (including with artists such as Archie Roach). He has five solo albums and numerous collaborative and compilation albums. His new album ‘Uluru’ has recently been released. The recording of the song was undertaken by Geir Brillian (Bjork) with the generous support of Canberra Institute of Technology.

Geir Brillian


Johnny Huckle

Johnny Huckle

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